The truth about perfume you probably didn't know

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The truth about perfume you probably didn't know

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Perfume is the only thing we wear and can't see. More importantly, we have very little understanding of their components. So I got into a secret with an insider in the fragrance industry, what's really in a perfume. How to choose the right scent Why does perfume smell when on your friend, but not on you? And many more

Most fragrances contain natural ingredients.
Flowers are one of the most important components of perfume. The scent of flowers conveys beauty. Femininity And sexiness It also impresses both men and women. When women wear floral fragrances, they feel like they are close to nature.

Some fragrances are made from synthetic ingredients.
Although many fragrances contain natural ingredients, their high cost makes it impossible for most brands to afford them. At the same time, using natural ingredients can be too difficult for some fragrances. Therefore, synthetic components are more likely. Another reason why manufacturers choose synthetic ingredients is to protect the environment. We will not use real sandalwood as it is an ecological disturbance.

Difference between perfume (Perfume, Eau de Toilette and Cologne)
Most people use the word "perfume" in speech, including various types of fragrances, and not all types of fragrances are referred to as "perfumes." de Parfum and Eau de Toilette and finally Eau de Cologne, although most people believe that Eau de Cologne or Cologne is a product exclusively for men. But it's actually just a misnomer.

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The perfume is worth its price.
There are many factors that make perfume expensive. The main reason is the quality of the components and bottles. But the price doesn't always reflect the quality. Maybe it's a matter of marketing and pricing strategy.

Fragrance doesn't have to be expensive.
Most of the money will be dissolved in ineffective marketing. Royalties to fashion designers or celebrities And shitty packaging But not all companies choose to invest in “other” ingredients of fragrances. For example, Phlur chose a direct marketing plan that kept the retail price lower but the same quality.

Scent trends change with the seasons.
There are two types of trends: seasonal and depending on the weather. People tend to wear light scents in the summer and rather pungent when it's cold. A trend will last only when the component or type of scent is gaining momentum .. maybe three years or sometimes even decades.

Fruity, citrus and vanilla scents tend to be the most popular.
Light, natural, fruity and vanilla scents tend to be strong, but depending on the market However, the choice of scent is very individual. Trend doesn't matter, it's important that you like it or not.

The scent differs from person to person.
Human body chemistry affects the scent of a fragrance such as pH, which is one reason why the fragrance of perfume on you and your friends is different. In addition, it also has a dietary factor. Body temperature And the environment in which you live You may have received a sample of perfume sprayed on paper, and when you got home, the scent changed. Remember that your body and paper are not the same and can affect the smell of a perfume. So the easy solution is to spray perfume on your skin, not paper.

The more good quality fragrance The smell is even more lasting.
If the fragrance doesn't last long, you might want a higher-strength product. But if too intense is not good The solution to this problem is to choose the perfume that is the perfume, not the Eau de Toilette, as the perfume will produce a longer lasting scent.

Choosing the right scent is not difficult.
Choosing a fragrance can be as confusing as choosing a wine. But the last thing is the most important thing is your preference. First of all, think carefully about how you are when choosing your fragrance. Remember that smell is the most expressive sense of who you are. And since scents can change throughout the day, you should also choose a scent that suits your daily life and situation.