What you should know Before traveling to study in Sweden

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What you should know Before traveling to study in Sweden

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Traveling abroad, whether it is a trip to further study or moving to a permanent place It is imperative to learn the culture and traditions in advance. Because you don't know what culture shock you will find.

Today we have 15 things you need to prepare before you go to Sweden.

# 1 Swedes love coffee

# 2 Must be in line no matter what you buy.

# 3 Being able to speak Swedish is very helpful.

# 4 Must try lingonberry jam

# 5 Try squeezing food out of the tube.

# 6 You will see Dad pushing a wheelchair for his child.

# 7 Swedes love to eat lunch outside.

# 8 Many businesses shut down in July.

# 9 Swedes officially call their names

# 10 Must take off your shoes!

# 11 Winter is both cold and dark.

# 12 Be on time!

# 13 keep plastic bags for reuse

# 14 You can drink water from the faucet.

# 15 Business casual = can wear jeans.

Always prepare well and learn the culture of each country first. It will make you better adapt to live in that country

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